What is a Capsule Closet?

A capsule closet is a concise wardrobe, usually of around 30-40 items, that focuses on high quality, timeless pieces.  By choosing neutral colors and one base color, every single item in your closet works together effortlessly. Since having a capsule closet I find myself owning a lot less but its considerably easier to find something to wear! Closets are rotated out seasonally.

Evaluate What You Already Own

Go through what is in your closet and create 4 piles:

1) The “I absolutely love it and it’s staying pile” (aka the KEEP pile)

2) The “I can’t even reasonably donate this so it’s going in the trash pile” (aka the TRASH pile)

3) The “I’ll try to sell this but worst case I’ll donate it pile” (The SELL pile)

4) The “This is completely inappropriate for the current weather pile” (the SEASONAL pile)

Take care of the clothes you’re not keeping right away. Out with the old, in with the new!

Speaking of new….

What To Keep (and Build Your Brand New Wardrobe Around)

Capsule closets work because every single item works together, and this is done through color. The first step is to select your color palette! We created a super easy to follow checklist! Here’s what you’ll need:

Pick Your Base Color:

This will be the dominant color of your wardrobe, making up your pants/slacks, dresses, blazers, suit jackets– you get the idea.

Choose From:*





But wait! What about brown? These are neutrals and browns are neutral!— 

Trust me– you don’t want to build your wardrobe around having brown pants, jackets, and dresses. It will look like a bad 70’s flashback. 

Pick Your Accent Colors (but only two of them):

This can be any color you want, whether its yellow, blush, red, burgundy, green, purple, or any other hue of the rainbow.

Pick your Metal:

Pick one type of metal and stick with it– whether its gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, etc. This goes for watches, jewelry, belts, and misc. hardware.

The Rest of the Closet:

This can be any neutral or pseudo-neutrals. Pseudo-neutrals are colors that are dark enough or light enough to function as a neutral. Think navy, forest green, denim (your jeans count as a neutral!), pale yellow, olive, etc.


The Checklist

The end goal of a capsule closet is to have between 30-40 items. Undergarments, workout gear, special occasion, basic tanks, and things like hats, mittens, gloves, and purses do not count towards the final tally (although in the spirit of things try to make an effort to keep it minimalist 😉 )


1) Sheath Dress

There are few body types this dress doesn’t look great on. It’s classic, professional, and can easily be taken from day to night. 

2) “Date Night Dress”

This is the dress for a special occasion that you shouldn’t be wearing to work or a PTA meeting. 


3) Dress Pants/Slacks

These will be your go-to pants for any time that jeans aren’t acceptable. Make sure they are comfortable, well made, the right length & fit, and free from wear and tear.

4) Jeans

I might get some stares for this but I’m gonna say it– you only need 1 pair of jeans. My preference is a great pair of dark denim skinny jeans. I avoid the distressed look but get what works for you. Whether that’s high or low rise, boyfriend cut, skinny, boot cut– this is about dressing for YOUR body and no one else’s. 


5-7) Basic T-Shirts

I have 3 of the exact same shirt; one in black, one in white, and one in my accent color.

8) Blazer/Suit Jacket

This should be in the same color as your dress pants/slacks.

9) Cardigan/Sweaters

Have at least 1 good cardigan or drapey sweater to pull outfits together and cover up when needed.

10-12) Blouses/Tops

These are kind of wildcard pieces in a way, and you can really show your personality here. Choose items your love. 

13) Crisp Button Up

This one speaks for itself. Make sure its tailored and doesn’t gap at the buttons. For more ample chests don’t be afraid to buy a larger size and have it taken in where necessary. 

Items 14-40

These can really be anything you want! Just stick to the color scheme.


*** If you want to see this in a PDF format, let me know in the comments! ***