(Photo from Babies R Us)

(Picture above is from Babies R Us)

When Cameron and I were registering for our baby shower, one of the biggest wish list items we had was a travel system. Since we are first time parents we figured it made the most sense to purchase a stroller and carseat combo that worked together, rather than purchase everything seperate.We assumed it would be much cheaper that way since we needed everything- and we were right!

By the time we made our way through the stores, and finally got to the stroller section, we were overwhelmed, to say the least. We started to look at a travel system by Baby Trend, when we we were stopped by a sales associate, who not so gently (but we appreciated the frankness) said that the one we were looking at stunk, was returned frequently, and people generally hated. He pointed us in the direction of the Graco Modes Jogger Travel System, and honestly, we were sold. It was significantly more expensive than the other model we were looking at, but had some serious advantages.

First off, this stroller is smooth. I’m pretty sure we could trek this thing over bumpy desert terrain and the baby wouldn’t wake up. The wheels are actual, inflatable wheels and are big. It makes for a very comfortable ride and the stroller is not at all wobbly to push. The wheel on the front locks for jogging mode, and detaches for smaller car trunks.

The storage is ample for you, and for baby. You have a phone holder (my iPhone 5s fits perfectly, and there is enough space for the bigger phones), and underneath that is a storage container that shuts for keys, a wallet, or other items, as well as two cup holders. There is also a large cubby underneath for shopping bags, diaper bags, and purses. The carseat fits on top, but when the baby is older and sitting in the stroller seat there is a tray for baby. Both the carseat and the stroller component can face either toward, or away from you.

The carseat holds up to 35 pounds is great, and will last a while until we need to move to the booster seat. The seat sits upright so the baby isnt laying back, which I love. I tend to be a pit paranoid and this reassures my fears that if the baby spits up while driving he will be okay until I get to him. The travel system also comes with a car seat base, and additional bases are available for purchase for around $55.

The one con to this stroller is that it is not at all light weight. I am relatively petite at 5’1 and have a hard time lifting this thing. It does however open and close easily, and the kickstand feature is a major bonus.

Overall, this is one of my favorite items that we received for the baby. It is well worth the cost, is solidly constructed, and will take you through toddlerhood.

This stroller retails for $379.99 at Babies R Us, and $310.97 on Amazon.



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and my opinions are my own.